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With the ever-growing threats of climate change and the exhaustion of our non-renewable resources, we envision sustainable architectural design and construction as the vital way to save our dear planet. Our purpose is to contribute as much as possible to the much-needed solution for a more sustainable future.

The Team

The founders of the Green Planet Architects are all renowned experts in the field of Sustainable Development. They come from various horizons: Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. By combining their experiences and overall expertise, the experts have a common ambition to promote sustainable architecture and construction all over the world. This, in our vision, is vital to save our planet for generations to come.

Join and help us build the future together.


This is what will make the difference in achieving a green planet.

1. Optimize resources and materials
2. Reduce energy consumption and use renewable energy
3. Diminish residues and CO² emissions
4. Decrease running and maintenance costs of buildings
5. Increase the quality of life for us and the future generations


Globalization, and high-speed Internet, makes communication with any architect of your choice simple, regardless of his or her location.

Imagine this: you decide to build your dream home in Amsterdam, but the style and concepts of the Green Planet Architect in Tokyo appeal to you. What would you do? Simply contact the desired architect through the website and he/she will be pleased to design your luxurious dream home!

How about local urbanization rules, building permission procedures, or site management? No problem! Your architect from Tokyo will contact his/her Green Planet Architect colleague in Amsterdam. They will work together to meet all local legalities. Both architects work under the same fees, resulting in no additional cost to you!



Urbanism, landscape, interior design, consulting...

A large selection of the world’s best and most qualified SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTS from all over are now at your convenient disposal! You no longer need to travel far distances in search of their abilities. Relax while browsing the Architect pages on this website. You can directly contact the Architect(s) of your choice for any further information.

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