Faldo Design

Landscape, Golf Architecture
Berkshire, United Kingdom Visit website Phone
Team: Sir. Nick Faldo, Directors of Architecture: Andrew Haggar, Guy Hockley, Golf Course Architects: Paul Jansen, Gareth Williams

Headed by Europe’s most successful ever golfer, Sir Nick Faldo, Faldo Design is dedicated to creating outstanding golf facilities in every continent – facilities that realise our Clients’ vision, are ecologically sensitive and which blend harmoniously into their natural surroundings.
Each site we work on is unique – alongside the Client and their team we identify solutions that deliver high quality golf courses that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Our fundamental and defining design principles are:
Strategy and Memorability
We strive to create visually interesting golf courses. Presenting players with variety and options challenges their imagination and shot-making ability and so we believe this emphasis on strategy provides interest and inspiration and is golf in its most basic and enjoyable form. Combining visual and playing interest produces outstanding golf courses.
Respect of the Natural Environment
Innate understanding of the nuances of natural terrain has been integral to Sir Nick Faldo’s success both as a player and course designer. We ensure that every golf course feature complements the local environment and by understanding the physical characteristics of a site, Faldo Design creates golf holes that respond to and merge into the natural flow of the landscape.

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