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Master Planning, Landscape
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Team: Alain Faragou

Agency Faragou is a landscape and environment expert workshop in the planning, establishment and control of any operation, whether at the scale of a country, a territory, a town, a site or a garden. Since 1978, the team anticipates and designs landscapes and environments in a wide range of urban, peri-urban, natural, public and private projects including in the Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical areas. The various departments of the Agency Faragou address areas of the territory, urban planning and the architecture of the landscape, for the design, the project management, as well as animation living project faunistic and floristic, in coherence with the dimension of "Green Planet".

On the shores of the Mediterranean, of landscapes in gardens, each project is a new journey. From the simplest to the most complex, in man of ground attention to the specificity of the places, Alain Faragou dialogue with the landscape scales. His road led to the meeting of inhabited territories and secret gardens that follows with other creative travelers like Roberto Burle Marx.
In constant search of equilibrium and resonances, he integrates the temporality of the landscape and invents for other 'natures' that attract the eye and soul. Is Alain Faragou architect, Landscaper, gardener? Or all three at once?
In public as in private, Alain Faragou signed contemporary projects, such as the Park Fernand Braudel and the la Seyne-sur-Mer or the development project of the 6202bis RD in the Valley of the Var and other more confidential projects, such as the garden of the Automobile Club de Monaco, the Grand garden of the Sainte-Marguerite island or the garden of a mansion in Paris.
He has also published several books, Park Fernand Braudel, RD 6202Bis - a garden one hundred at a time, and more recently of the garden landscape.

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