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Sustainable Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning
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Team: Alexander Rakita

AR Architecture is an innovative architectural practice providing full range of comprehensive professional services in complex inter-cultural situations. The company is located in London (UK) with affiliated partners in the Republic of Ireland and Russian Federation. It was founded by architect Alexander Rakita and benefits from his 20 years of top-market experience in the UK, Ireland, Russia and the Middle East as well as his profound knowledge of both Western European and ex-Soviet professional worlds. AR Architecture is committed to intelligence and ecological sensibility in design. We believe that architecture is our living environment in the first place, and that an architect bears responsibility for quality of people`s life. Every project is approached individually. In each case we aim to come up with unique responses to specific context, landscape, budget and statutory limitations, client`s personality. Time and again we find that most interesting solutions originate from most restrictive conditions. We do our utmost to be reliable advisers to our Clients, helping them develop a brief and aiming to add long-term value to their projects through combination of imaginative sustainable design with commercial sense and knowledge. Equally loving historical and modern architecture, we believe that our profession should neither let itself get overwhelmed by up-to-the-minute fashion or be tempted by any kind of imitation. Buildings exist in long-term prospective, and their success is determined by perennial matters like scale, materials, quality of detail, interaction with environment, practicality and adaptability to changes. We do not want to confine people within the boundaries of our imagination and consciously avoid planning spaces on the basis of prescriptive scenarios, patterns of behavior or set for good and all aesthetics. "Less" often proves to be "more" and we see good architecture as an open framework for users volatile individuality.

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