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Sustainable Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning
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Team: Luis Vidal, Joao Abreu, Carmen Andújar, Andoni Arriazabalaga, Maria Astiaso, David Ávila, Fernando Callejón, Eva Couto, María Cumellas, Alba del Castillo, Nuria Espina, José BonitoFernández, David Fernández Feito, David Fernández Llompart, José Luis Fernández, Beatriz Freiria, Esther Fuente, Guillermo García, Carlos García, Magdalena García, , Isabel Gil, Raúl Gómez, Carlos Gonzáles, Mónica Gutierréz, Carolina Hernández, David López, Jugatxt López, Arturo López, Julio Isidro, , Joaquín Maire, Humberto Martínez, Jesús Mejías, Concha Milán, Sara Moreno, Lourdes Moreno, Héctor Orden, José Parejo, Carlos Peña, Enrrique Pérez, Martín Rivas, Francisco Rojo, Irene Rojo, Juan Rubio, Santiago Sánchez, Manuel Sánchez, , Francisco Sanjuan, Gentaro Shimada, Francisco Terrero, , Javier Torrado, Oscar Torrejón, Pablo Vila

LVA is a creative platform that offers responsible and quality designs in response to the urban and social challenges of today: (urban planning, buildings and industrial design).

In a short period of time, LVA has developed a consistent trajectory expressed in more than 80 projects, and the studio is internationally recognized for its expertise in airport and hospital design, having become one of the leading and most innovative practices committed to the search for functional and flexible design.

The philosophy of LVA relies on improving quality of life through design, focusing on the user as the starting point and main priority in all their projects.

Regardless of the scale, all the projects in the studio’s portfolio are born with the same DNA that defines LVA: its social, economic and environmental commitment.

LVA has also become the first Spanish practice involved in designing a new type of transport buildings: spaceports, being Associate Architects to the American Engineering and Architecture firm HDR for the design of Front Range spaceport (Denver, Colorado). Among its current commitments, luis vidal + architects is focused on an emblematic project, the Botín Art Center in Santander, in co-authorship with Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

luis vidal + architects was one of the pioneers in Spain in articulating its working system from the perspective of sustainability.

These green architecture practices materialized in different areas, such as the integration of the building in its environment, make an efficient use of natural resources both in construction and in operation and maintenance, minimize operating costs and maximize return on investment during its life cycle and diminish the ecological footprint on the environment.

luis vidal + architects seeks to achieve sustainability certifications, such as LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and the U.S. BREEAM certification, developed in UK and applied in the rest of Europe. In fact, the Palmas Altas Campus (Headquarters of multinational Abengoa in Seville) pre-certified Leed Platinum LEED Platinum, becoming the first Leed Platinum in Europe.

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