Nemesi Studio

Sustainable Architecture, Master Planning
Rome, Italy Visit website Phone
Team: Michele Molè

Nemesi was founded in 1997. Raised in the Italian market, nowadays Nemesi is developing projects at the international scale. Nemesi is at the forefront of architecture combining Italian sophistication with high quality services and technical know-how to satisfy clients` needs. In recent years, Nemesi developed complex projects with interrelated subjects and themes, in a constant exploration of the possibilities of design and architecture. The studio has participated to numerous exhibitions and its professional and creative career and has been awarded several prizes A special attention is dedicated to the integration of each phase of the project, from feasibility studies to the funtion to nest detail during implementation phase with a solid technological know-how and a specif c focus on environmental sustainability. Nemesi has developed strong business relationships with renowned engineering companies and real estate developers in order to build tertiary, residential, and cultural compounds Arch. Michele Molè is Nemesi`s principal and creative director. In 2007, arch. Susanna Tradati became Associate Partner. In 2008 NEMESI & PARTNERS SRL joined Nemesi to provide integrated professional services.

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