Sustainable Architecture, Master Planning, Landscape
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Team: Dr. Kongjian YU, Kenneth Yeung, Stanley Lung, Dehua Liu, Zhiwen Zhang, Yi Wei, Desheng Peng, Wei Hong, Xiangjun Liu, Shihong Ling, Jun Ji

Turenscape is a multidisciplinary design team that provides quality and holistic services in Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Urban Design, Environmental Design and Engineering. Under the leadership of Doctor Kongjian Yu, in the past 15 years, Turenscape has planned and designed over 300 ecological cities and 1000 landscape projects in China. Projects are located in 200 cities and more than 600 projects are built and realized.
Turenscape's projects have earned great international reputation for innovative and environmentally sound designs and have consecutively won 9 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Awards in the past 8 years and 3 World`s Best Landscape Awards at the World Architecture Festival in the past 3 years.
Turenscape's philosophy is that landscape should not be deemed as purely decorative, but, above all, be functioning, robust and authentic. Particularly in our cities now, the role of public open space has expanded beyond just being a place of respite; they are an essential ecological infrastructure that affords many natural, biological, cultural and recreational processes to occur. Nature, Man and Spirits as One is the philosophy underlying all of Turenscape`s designs. Turen means Earth Man in Chinese, a relationship between land and people. The firm`s philosophy is to create the harmony between land and people and to create sustainable environments for the future.

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