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According the latest estimations published by the « Worldwatch Institute » an ADDITIONAL 1.4 billion people will live in cities by 2030, 90% of which will live in developing countries. This rapid urbanization explosion will accentuate the existing challenges of overcrowding and exhausting of non renewable resources but will bring also the need of a substantial number of ADDITIONAL BUILDINGS.

The buildings in which we live and work are the principal consumers of energy, and are responsible for some 30-40% of all CO2 emissions, about the same % of total solid waste, and 12% of all fresh water consumption.

In order to reduce building’s environmental footprints and long-term negative social and financial effects the only solution is SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION.

Of course we can wait until effective public policies will be implemented and enforced via restricted regulations.

We, the GREEN PLANET ARCHITECTS, say « Let us not wait and promote now worldwide SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE & COSTRUCTION before it is too late » As Gandhi said : »You must be the change you wish to see in the world ».

In the rush to market everything as « GREEN », builders often superficially label their buildings as such. A solar panel or a roof garden may look nice on a picture but it does not indicate the real sustainability of the entire structure of the building. But even these « light-green buildings » represent today only a tiny fraction of total construction worldwide.

The GREEN PLANET ARCHITECTS promote real SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION with, where possible, a worldwide recognized GREEN certificate.

We don’t advocate « back to nature », neither living in caverns. Man has not invited the car to leave it in the garage.

Sustainable Architecture & Construction is an intelligent mix of optimizing natural renewable sources and the latest most advanced technology.

Our challenge is much too vast to be realized individually and the market potential is enormous.
That’s why we have created the first worldwide chain of Sustainable Architects: the GREEN PLANET ARCHITECTS.

Our success depends on you: Sustainable or future Sustainable Architects, builders, project developers and individuals who like to build their new home.

Many thanks for your attention and for joining us.

Yours sincerely,

Green Planet Architects.

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