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Concept and location

Tucked away in the southern part of the Dominican Republic, in the heart of Ocoa Bay, above the Caribbean sea is the private estate resort surrounded by its own working vineyard and lush woodland reserve. This is where time stands still.

The Ocoa Bay vineyard resort offers a rare opportunity for ownership. Properties are hidden along our world-class vineyards with magnificent mountain to sea horizons. The exclusive eco-friendly designs display unparalleled beauty. The exquisite rustic modern architecture with upmarket amenities are designed from the onset to complement.

Ocoa Bay was designed from its inception in harmony with the environment. Only 90 miles from the international airport in Santo Domingo our community exists in one of the last easily accessible yet untouched nature enclaves in the world. In this remarkably rich region, the soil bears produce that possesses indescribable flavours and the local fisheries thrive without typical pressures of society. Here we offer an opportunity to savor the simple pleasures of life while enjoying luxurious amenities in an exquisite breathtaking setting. Own a private vineyard villa and become one of the few to live a beautiful part of Caribbean history.



Dedicated to preserving our fragile and unique ecosystem, The Ocoa Bay project is one of the first preconceived 100% sustainable real estate developments in the world. Located at the edge of the Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deño National Park, it is the only area where the Central Cordillera mountains touch the Sea. Prior to developing the Ocoa Bay project the founders spent eighteen months with ecology, land management and wildlife consultants ensuring every measure was taken to minimize any environmental impact. In addition Ocoa Bay’s founders oversee multiple conservation programs to save and repopulate endemic endangered plant species including the replanting of thousands of majestic Guayacan trees on the mountainside.

The dry climate creates the perfect environment for true 100% sustainable agriculture eliminating all chemical pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. Residents and guests savor the flavors of truly clean food grown in our protected Ocoa Bay farms.

We work closely with many of the region’s farmers to support the practice of sustainable farming. With the use of sustainable construction techniques, materials, clean energy, and the development of water conservation and waste management programs, we protect our natural springs.

Inaugurated by the President of the Dominican Republic, Ocoa Bay has been recognized for its incredible sustainability principals, and commitment to local communities in addition to becoming the official domestic wine of the county.


As the first developed vineyard in the Caribbean for over 500 years, the Ocoa Bay Estate cultivates a stunning collection of varietals, exquisitely adapting with the unique Dominican terroir. With rich volcanic soils, rolling topography, and dry climate at the edge of the Caribbean Sea an exceedingly unique terroir produces some of the world’s finest wines. With ownership in the Community of the Vine, Ocoa Bay’s wine makers will bottle wines from your villa’s private vineyard.


The smooth complexities and notes of the most beautiful generational wines.

Chilean consultant oenologist Felipe Zuniga describes two of our unique varietals: The French Colombard palate is long lasting with good acidity, creamy and round, a result of the soil conditions and proximity to the sea. “It is a wine of intense yellow with green hues, the nose dominates with notes of sweet fruits like pineapple, apricot, lime and hints of green apple. Vibrant and fresh, freshness of its natural acidity in harmony with its balanced body.”

Tempranillo is a ruby-garnet colored “with a lovely nose of strawberry, cherry with hints of leather and spice. The palate is soft with intense flavors of red fruit, herbs, sweet spice with notes of coffee and strawberry on the round finish, balanced acidity.”

The Rosé blends our French Colombard and Tempranillo: “Cool with the smell of wild fruits, strawberry and raspberry, low in acidity and evoking the feeling of a very pleasant evening at sea.” According to Dr. Luis Vicente Elias, a renowned anthropologist and Spanish oenologist, “The great new terroir in the Dominican Republic has changed the map of world wine production.”.


The first vineyard in the Americas was planted in the Ocoa Bay region by Spanish explorers in the early sixteenth century. According to historical archives Hernan Cortes lived in the town of Azua where he cultivated grapes for six years before setting off on a conquest for the Aztecan Empire.

At that time local farmers then cast their attentions on the nutrient rich soils for their crops of tropical fruits and vegetables leaving the cultivation of grapes dormant for many centuries.

More than 500 years past before, one of the founders in the Ocoa Bay project, made an attempt to bring viticulture back to life in the Caribbean. His success has been remarkable. Flourishing in the Dominican territory the wines are exceptional in the ability to move us with a finesse, an aromatic complexity, and a remarkable presence on the palate, which only the world’s greatest vintages have the ability to harness.

Tasting Room

The tasting room sits on the northern edge of the vineyard overlooking the bountiful rows of vines with a backdrop of The Caribbean Sea; a magnificent canvas for Ocoa Bay’s vibrantly colored mountains. The rustic modern design holds time still as the sound of classical music serenades the fields in harmony with the birds. Built in a sustainable fashion of earth, stone and wood recovered from the mountain site itself, it is here you can savor our limited vintages perfectly paired with produce from our gardens.


Ownership opportunities include exclusive one-half acre and larger lots overlooking the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the mountains and vineyards. The lots are tucked along the gently sloping hillside overlooking the vineyards toward the shimmering waters of Ocoa Bay.

All residential areas are designed with the greatest privacy in mind, minimizing density and maximizing green space while featuring unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea where each night the sky paints an ever-changing prism of sunsets.

wellness & spa

Ocoa Bay is designing unrivalled indulgence when it comes to wellness and spa services. Here nature will nourish your body through customized holistic programs masterfully woven to help find natural balances by stimulating the mind, soothing the soul, and uplifting the body.


The foods grown in the Ocoa farms located on our 1900-acre property, they are all 100% sustainable, chemical and pesticide free. We live by sustainable farming principles. It is important to maintain healthy ecosystems as it protects the Earth, farmers, their children, and the local community from dangerous chemicals.

Fresh seafood including numerous species of fish, lobster and crab are harvested daily from our bay by our artisan fisherman. Similarly wild game and sustainably raised open range game and poultry are harvested in collaboration with our local partners and provided to us fresh daily. These practices keep us harmonized with nature and is the ultimate ‘Farm to Table’ culinary experience.


Unlimited possibilities meet the adventurous soul and feed the heart’s desire. Begin the day with a morning stroll through the gardens and vineyards, allowing fresh air to feed your spirit as the waking sun greets you.

Swim in the sparkling waters of the infinity pool overlooking the bay, snorkel reefs from the private beach or hike along the mountainside. Traditional physical exercise programs are complimented by personal training, yoga instruction, meditation and guided creative thinking experiences.


  •  Clear-water snorkelling with vibrant fish, coral, and turtles
  •  Sailing on the Ocoa Bay
  •  Kayaking with dolphins
  •  Scuba diving historic waters
  •  Incredible deep sea fishing
    • marlin, sailfish, yellow tuna, bonito, red snapper, cobia, dolphin, yellowtail snapper…
  •  Paddle-board, windsurfing and kite-boarding
  •  Tennis, fitness trails, and swimming
  •  Equestrian treks
  •  Hiking through the hills and mountains


The team members of our regional office for Latin America, located in Santo Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic are not only experts in sustainable architecture & construction but they have also a deep knowledge of the real estate market of the Caribbean and of the Dominican Republic in particular.

OCOABAY is so far the only real estate project we have selected to be published on our platform and  that we can  strongly recommend to our clients/visitors investors and this for the following reasons:

  • This project is 100% sustainable in all aspects : respect and protection of the natural environment, use of local natural materials , use of renewable energy, recycling of the water, producing its own organic food, producing its own wine.
  • There is no other project in the whole Caribbean where you can own your private vineyard villa and this will give a tremendous extra value potential to your investment in particular knowing that sustainability is the trend of the future.
  • Location, location, location, the 3 golden rules to optimize your real estate investment. The Dominican Republic has become already the nr. 1 tourist destination of the whole Caribbean with more than 5 million visitors per year. The Government aims to reach the 10 million visitors in the near future and has decided that the still virgin South West coast of the country will be the next top destination. Ocoabay is in the heart of this new development and the prices are still very attractive.
  • The concept of owning your private piece of vineyard in front of your villa is unique in the world, in particular without having the hassle of maintenance, vintage and producing which will be taken care of by the management of the resort.
  • In many places in the world real estate buyers have been disappointed by buying on plan tempted by nice colour brochures and spectacular scale models and unfortunately experienced that their dreams were never realized. OCOABAY exisits, the vinyard is there, the exceptional quality wine is already produced, the infrastructure and amenities are constructed, thus you can’t have a bad surprise.
  • And last but not least you will appreciate the great tradition of hospitality of the Dominicans and their unique « joie de vivre ». The Dominican Republic has the size of Switzerland, the highest mountain of whole the Caribbean (Pico Duarte more than 3000m) and a unique bio diversity. Most of the Caribbean islands are very small and offer very little distraction and variety. The Dominican Republic « has it all » and during each of your stays you will discover new aspects of this amazing country.

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