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Derco Center and Warehouse

TeamArchitect: Guillermo Hevia, Collaborators: Marcela Suazo, Tomás Villalón, Carlos Reyes, Francisco Carrión, Biotech Chile
LocationSantiago , Chile
AwardWinner of Architectural Contest
DescriptionA simple line architecture giving answers for two autonomous processes; car pre delivery and preparation and car spare parts distribution, incorporating latest technologies and bioclimatic strategies to the buildings.
The terrain (16 Ha) is a big esplanade for car parking, consisting of a big park as the central axis, with green and services areas forming differentiated entrances leading to the personnel service buildings and preceded by a water surface with a totem bearing the company logo. It´s a simple architecture of closed big volumes, stainless steel color cut by horizontal windows stripes looking like mobile lighting lines, where red corporate color is determinant in the whole entirety both, day and night. Entrances have also sun and rain protection marquees.
Contrast is given by the main two storage building, a soften body closed at the base and transparent glassy at the second level.
Bioclimate for inner spaces is naturally conditioned air to improve life quality during day´s work. The system is highly expressed in the architecture of the building by means of brilliant aluminum pipes of different heights emerging from the ground. Rational uses of technical and energetic resources are focused on saving, life quality and environmental protection.
Photo credits: Guy Wenborne & Francisco Carrión.
ClientDerco S.A.
Start date05-06-2007
Area Units.q.m.
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