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CategoryCommercial, Master plan, Hotels
TeamArch. Richard Moreta Castillo
LocationCancun, Mexico
DescriptionGrand Cancun is an urban resort located in Cancun , Mexico by the Sea and in the City that is going to work as a celebration space for the foreign and local population, recycling water plant, electrical power plant based in removable energies (solar, wind, tidal and geothermic), marine biology laboratories, a livable sculpture. Designed by Arch. Richard Moreta Castillo, RA+D (Richard`s Architecture + Design international architectural firm with headquarters in Germany.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Cancun, we have devised a complex that will serve as urban landmark memorial sculptural adapted Magical Legend of the Serpent God of the Maya, and its meaning (kaan kun) "nest of snakes" we wanted to contribute to the myth and raise the serpent into infinity, representing an extraordinary fusion of Mayan people and new cities where it is possible to project the pride of its residents, amplifying the interest of your visitors and serve as a platform for business processes and financial.

Our team of architects and creative presents "Grand Cancun": a curious project, risky and conscious. The vision of an ecological paradise, an Eden-housed in a city building on a platform, offshore.

Generated spaces combine tourism uses, recreational, business, commercial, educational, health and wellness, sports, cultural, residential events, but also energy production services, filtering and recycling of seawater, potable water generation, treatment wastewater service, internal transportation and heliports. With its own marina, Grand Cancun becomes a set of environments in large spaces, air, sea and unmatched light, where users who wish can dock their boats alongside the most exciting resort city that can offer.

This exclusive and unique enclave stands as an icon within the region where it is built, for decoying for millions of tourists but also to meet the leisure time of citizens of Cancun, where 'people can work, eat, learn or go to the movies, among other things. 'and to differentiate so unique and critical to companies wishing to settle in the complex as business elite that enjoys great privileges on location and services, and irradiating the commitment and interest in conservation , sustainability and environmental awareness.

The idea is to be a place halfway between urban and aquatic life. The creative team emphasizes that 'no one should see the resort as a profitable investment in economic terms, but as a green investment. "
The semicircular perimeter barrier side is a breakwater. In its western part will have a layer of sand that serve as artificial beach for the resort. We will use a differential global positioning system to give the shape of the barrier exactly. A layer of a high friction material permeable allows the sand is not as readily dispersed. Below and above the sand protective layer of rocks there. When finished constructing the barrier, it will create the artificial beach. An example of this method of construction with dredgers, cranes and compactors we have in the creation of the Palm Island in Dubai The success of the sale of all space demonstrates its effectiveness and feasibility.

Start date2013
StatusUnder Construction
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