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TeamVincent Callebaut, Frederic Magnien Architect
LocationRoyat, France
DescriptionIn the heart of the water city of Royat and its green mall in the confluence of the Tiretaine and Liaboux rivers, our extension project is a dynamic response to the ambition of Royat city to build a mobilization swimming pool represented by a very attractive and contemporary architecture researched by the patients of spas.

By increasing also the choice of cardio-arterial and rheumatologic cares, our architecture proposes the construction of a “planted wave†that covers the pool hall under its curve. The ecological wave projects thus its curve towards the avenue de Royat such as a new green setting, true urban signal dedicated to the welfare and laid out in the urban Northern façade of the spa site. By meeting the needs of the programme as precisely as possible, our project emphasizes three major themes as detailed below : the urban signal, the welfare of the patients and the high environment quality.
Our “green wave†project sets a case of nature on the avenue de Royat. But on top of the “green designâ€, this planted roof ensures also through its inertia a great acoustic and especially thermal comfort inside the hall. This bioclimatic cushion will actually enable to reduce the energetic expenditure by accumulating the heat in winter and by ventilating naturally the hall in summer. At the bottom of the Puy de Gravenoire, it is thus a project of urban respiration, a micro landscape in the entity peculiar to the spa. It is a space of ecological regeneration not only offered to the patient of the spa but also to the common passer-by of the avenue de Royat representing the dynamics and the ambition of the spa city to be part in the contemporary history of the inhabitants of Royat.
ClientCommune de Royat, Ophis, Puy-de-Dôme
Start date01-07-2010
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