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J & R Office Building

TeamBruno Stagno
LocationLa Uruca, San José, Costa Rica
DescriptionThe architectural proposal was enveloping the North and South façades of the building in a microclimate. The East and West façades are closed. Using horizontal sunshades made lighter by perforations, and with blue hanging vines (thumbergiae grandiflora), we achieved the objective of refreshing the glass façade.

An average 80 cm clearance between the glass and the bioclimatic skin suffices to modify the thermal effect of the sunlight, lowering the temperature without affecting the level of natural light. This vertical landscaping experience can also be successfully applied in the city. The application of this design resource reduces the use of air conditioning, while providing natural light to the offices, which in turn results in significant energy savings.

Built on a terrain with very low bearing capability, it was necessary to design a floating foundation consisting of a reinforced concrete slab 60 cm wide, thus reducing the concentrated loads. The East and West walls serve to absorb the shear stress when earthquakes occur. Winds from the NE may be quite uncomfortable during the dry months. The bioclimatic skin helps reduce its velocity, which allows opening the awning windows. Cross ventilation sweeps laterally through the open floor plan, ensuring a pleasant level of comfort inside.

The top floor contains two management offices and the conference room, which enjoy the panoramic view and the tree-filled terrace.
Start date2005
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