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London Tower

TeamCONIX RDBM Architects, Image Copyrights © Bram Goots
LocationAntwerp, Belgium
DescriptionThis site is in an area that is currently undergoing a complete transformation. The master plan sets out to change a suburb into a residential-business area by condensing and completing a series of sites.
The master plan entails a high-rise apartment block and an adjacent smaller office block. Inspired by the modernistic viewpoint of the city of Antwerp, the building should function structurally to determine a specific, well-defined streetscape. This results in an obligatory and rigorous observance of the building line, which gives the envisaged construction a strong iconic character. It marks the starting point of an axis.
Another design criterion is met by adding a pedestrian overpass that links the building with Antwerp north. This overpass, included in the master plan, leads to an enclosed courtyard, whose atmosphere will be created by the flow of people and their work-life relationships in a city. This interaction applies to the entire site and serves as the point of departure for designing the apartments, offices and public spaces.
CONIX RDBM Architects had a no-nonsense approach to designing the apartments. So, the building is styled like a sculpture that diminishes as it increases in height. In this way, the design vacillates between static stability and dynamic vanity. The designs of the adjacent inner areas and façades evolved from their relationship with the nearby water which served as inspiration. There are seven apartments on every floor; each with a different design to cater for different types of tenants. The ground floor houses an exhibition room and commercial space, in addition to apartments, as well as a visitor`s pavilion. CONIX RDBM Architects are turning this site into an attractive meeting place that offers a multitude of activities and atmospheres.
Start date2005
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