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3M Headquarters

TeamMario Cucinella, David Hirsch (architect in charge), Luca Bertacchi, Julissa Gutarra , Michele Olivieri, Linda Larice, Luca Stramigioli
LocationPioltello, Milano, Italy
AwardMIPIM Award, US Award 2009
DescriptionMCA has designed Pioltello, near Milan, the new headquarters of the 3M company. The building is the first part of a masterplan of the area conceived by MCA in 2005 to be realized. It is a terraced, linear structure, 105 meters long by 21 wide, varying in height from two to five floors. The optimized shape and orientation provide effective environmental control: the east and west facades are designed with special glass and shading. The south side has a series of terraces with pergolas that offer shaded areas.
ClientPirelli & C.Real Estate S.p.A Development Management Italy
Start date2008
Area Units.q.m.
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