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CategoryCommercial, Public Space
TeamPaul de Ruiter, Richard Buijs, Noud Paes, Haik Hanemaaijer, Robin Kerssens, Wilko de Haan, Marieke Sijm, Willeke Smit, Sander van Veen, Willem Jan Landman, Michael Noordam
LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
DescriptionAn unusual car park has been built in the cultural heart of Rotterdam, the Museumpark. This car park that does not only accommodate 1,150 cars, but also houses one of the largest underground water reservoirs in the Netherlands, a reservoir with a capacity of 10,000m³. The Museumpark Pavillion forms a connection between the Museumpark , the underground car park and the Erasmus Medical Centre.
The design does not only focus on cars, but also focuses strongly on the interests of pedestrians. A basic requirement is that as much daylight as possible can penetrate to the bottom level of the car park. Therefore two open zones are integrated to allow daylight to enter the car park. These daylight zones are also two of the pedestrian entrances and exits. The colored pedestrian zones are provided with extra lighting and safe crossing places. Water- Underneath the entrance to the car park, a reservoir is built to collect no less than 10 million liters of water when there is heavy rainfall. As soon as the sewer system threatens to overflow, the hatch of the underground water reservoir is opened. Within half an hour, the reservoir ─ which measures 60 by 35 meters ─ fills up at enormous force with 10 million liters of water. When the downpour ends and there is space again in the sewer system, the water in the reservoir is pumped into the sewer. Image copyright: Pieter Kers
ClientOntwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam; Erasmus Medisch Centrum (Client Water Reservoir: Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard; Gemeentewerken Rotterdam, afdeling Waterhuishouding)
Start date2010
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