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TeamDr. B.V. Doshi, J. Joshipura, S. Patankar, H.M. Siddhpura, David Mrugala, HardikJagad, B.N. Panchal, Suketu Shah, TejasMojidra
LocationAhmedabad, India
DescriptionOur Studio “Sangath†means “moving togetherâ€. At Sangath experimental and experiential values are emphasized through architectural and spatial means to create an ambiance of a ‘studio` where every one becomes aware of their moorings. There is an attempt to connect past, present and future, and an exploration of ways of minimum obsolescence.
Sustainability thus gets manifested in various ways at Sangath. The site, it`s landscape, the plan of the building and its modulations, all are aimed at economies of scales, and optimizing energy.
Our studio is a physical manifestation of Doshi`s worldview, lifestyle and values.
It is populated by interactive spaces and places of memories, connecting to the earth, sky, sun, air, water and my emotional connections to world around and beyond.
Start date01-07-2010
Area Units.q.m.
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