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Sesto Palazzo Eni

TeamNemesi Studio, Morphosis Architects
LocationMilano, Italy
DescriptionThe project's Sixth Eni Palace, located in San Donato Milanese, is going beyond the design of an office building, it intends to interpret the historic and current values of Eni and Metanopoli, through which the project icon-architecture-landscape was able to write a new page in the architecture and history of San Donato Milanese. The vision of the great Enrico Mattei was able to convey with Metanopoli over 50 years ago, is the story of an Italian company that was able to communicate their identity values, exemplary and innovative in the world. The concept for the new headquarters Exploration and Production Eni and Snam Rete Gas embodies these values in a campus organized around three individual buildings that embrace a vibrant public square. Today, as then, confirming and reviving the role of Eni in the World as a center of excellence and innovation in research and production of energy, the project proposed here is intended as a vehicle for these three values: a) the individual and the community at the center: The project gives a central value to the idea of Civitas: the functional and symbolic heart of the new business center is the square, a meeting of the Community Eni, around which you build the new headquarters. b) democracy and integration: architecture tout court architecture-landscape: the office towers lose their self-building an architecture of a predominantly horizontal dimension, democratic, and closely integrated with the landscape. With a layered architecture and dynamic, the Centre tells the wealth of geological stratification and the composition of the soil-landscape as a source of energy and life. c) research and innovation towards a new sustainability: the design concept gives shape to the Exploration and Production process through metamorphic architecture, a continuum fluid and dynamic, rich in interconnections, symbolizing the transforma-one of matter into energy. The complex, falling within the scope of the Integrated Plan of Action called De Gasperi East, is divided into two functional areas: 1. the Management Centre Eni Exploration and Production 2. the Management Centre Snam Rete Gas The project also includes the design of the landscape and public spaces for outside areas and adjacent to both business centers.
ClientEni servizi
Start date01-06-2011
Area Units.q.m.
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