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Sports Center Budweiss

TeamMarek Richtera, Radek Vopalecký
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
DescriptionTransport service area is the northwestern part, on the southwest path is calculated with a turntable for buses. The main pedestrian entrance to the river, from the direction of the winter or the swimming pool. The ground floor is through a mobile acoustic walls mobile and telescopic tribunes designed as open space. Under the bleachers with a capacity of 3000 spectators is therefore still holds 3600 spectators standing on the concerts and dance festivals. The generous foyer with central shopping mall and walk-in closets to serve not only as a stray space for 6600 spectators, but especially for restaurants and snacks.
The roof is equipped with skylights that provide natural light sports hall. To avoid glare, sunshine is evenly dispersed ceiling of Barissol. The concept of facades for natural lighting and ventilation. The cooling may be used and the river Vltava and energy from solar cells roofing.
ClientÄŒeské BudÄ›jovice Municipality
Start date2012
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