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Busan Opera House

TeamPatricia Zuñiga, Victor Sanz Pont, Sergio Sanz Pont
LocationBusan, South Korea
DescriptionThe concept of design is based on the philosophy of Korea, the balance of opposites, the Um-Yang. The fundamental idea is to create an iconic building that represents the culture in which it is immersed, to remind the native people where they come from in order to promote this philosophy to the outside world. Materializing this ancient philosophy in a cutting edge building connects the past with the present, giving long life to a culture that must be projected into the future. The vision of this building is the integration with its natural and urban environment, besides being spectacular, create public spaces and nature, respecting and helping the environment, a sustainable design that promote a city to the world.

The skin incorporates Photovoltaic Solar Panels capturing energy from the sun to generate and supply electricity from a clean and sustainable energy. The Extensive Green Roof helps to provide oxygen and ambient temperature regulation, providing a natural insulation skin on the top of the building. LED technology glow the skin of the building at night, creating art with light of low energy consumption emphasizing the fluid and singular skin. The Ventilated and Shading Façade reduces interior solar radiation by shading the internal curtain wall, and the diffuse solar light enters interior space through the gradient opacities. Rainwater is collected through the entire roof and stored to be used in bathroom equipment and landscape irrigation. Grey water is treated and re-used for landscape irrigation.
ClientBusan Metropolitan City - International Design Competition
Start date2011
Area Units.q.m.
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