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Community Center of Leisure UFFO

TeamRadek Vopalecký, Luděk Štefek, for AG Studio
LocationTrutnov, Czech Republic
DescriptionThe new multi-purpose cultural centre building in Trutnov was erected in 2010 according to a 2003 architectonic competition award-winning design by Radek Vopalecký and Luděk Štefek. The UFFO concept features a variable interior layout with movable partitions, mobile auditorium and positionable hydraulic orchestra pit and enables staging classical drama, holding congresses, ballets, balls, live pop music gigs, musicals etc. The hydraulic orchestra pit is also used as a lift for handling and transporting the taken-down auditorium to the underground storage areas. It is used as the orchestra pit in position -1 m; it serves as a dance floor at level 0 and as a stage in position +1 m. The unique features of this theater hall also include natural lighting by means of a glassed ceiling with sun blinds as well as the possibility to build an opposing auditorium. This creates a central space wedged between two auditoriums.
ClientTrutnov Municipality
Start date01-04-2012
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