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TeamFrançois Lepeytre, Gaël Brulé, Ana Bras
LocationCambridgeshire, United Kingdom
DescriptionThe first aspect in terms of sustainable development or in the broader term ecology is the reconnection of humans with their environment. By restoring links between the users and the fen, the project aims at reconnecting humans with nature. By maximizing one´s chances to connect to this raw and simply beautiful environment, the project aims at doing more than restoring a piece of anthropogenic nature; it aims at reconnecting mankind with its deepest self, nature.

Half-way between wetlands and dry lands, between earth and water, between wild nature and welcoming nature, the fen represents an ideal place for animal and vegetal species to migrate, to disseminate, to reproduce. As such, they represent, together with marshes, swamps and bogs, areas of particular interest in terms of biodiversity. As such they deserve considerable attention and this is our main concern for this project.
Start date2012
Area Units.q.m.
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