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TeamVincent Callebaut, Frederique Beck, Julien Combes, Benoit Patterlini
LocationTaichung, Taiwan
DescriptionAt the North end of the new « Gateway Park » located on the site of the old airport of Taichung city, the “Swallow`s Nest†project is a true entrance door to the new urban ecosystem. Actually, the project develops itself under the shape of a three-dimensional Möbius` ring that extrudes its triangular section around an elliptic path. This organic building is thus created by the simple repetition of a standardised section that turns eighty times clockwise by 4.5 degrees to make a full revolution of 360 degrees around a huge central patio, the “Endless Patioâ€. The architecture is inspired by the nature and seems to grow harmoniously such as a plant from the earth to the sky. This pure shape in horizontal spiral enables to create three huge vaults, true connexion hubs between the central patio and the cultural centre, the city and the park. The project comes from the natural repartition of the urban flows between the Gateway Avenue 2 (leading to Taiwan Tower in the South of the site), the Convention and Exhibition Centre (in the North) and the Gateway Park (spread from the North to the South).

Like a dynamic and innovative cultural center dedicated to the Fine Arts and Literature, the Swallow`s Nest is thus a new icon of spatial transversality and cultural transdisciplinarity! It is a raw diamond cut into the crystal whose sharp voluptuousness magnetizes the site from its spiral curves.
From the Endless Patio, the Gateway Park or the Gateway Park Avenue 2, the facades create mirror effects by reflecting the rustles and the vibrations of the city and of the surrounding nature. These façades question us by transforming themselves in mirror of our society and act as a spectre for the creation of the contemporary art and for the protection of the knowledge. At daytime, the adjusted surfaces of the façades degrade the azure blue towards the tender greens of the luxuriant vegetation of the park. Whereas during the night, the Klein blue of the stars reverses progressively to gold colour of the dawn and the lights of the urban lighting.

The new centre of Taichung has been transformed into a nest of preservation and cultural creation that sees the birth of history in real time, the sensitivities and the Taiwanese philosophies mixed worldwide. In this sustainable architecture dedicated to the biodiversity and the right balance of the action of Human being on Nature, the museum intertwines in the library, the plant embraces the mineral, and the shadow mixes up with the light. The swallow`s nest is a glittering landmark which expresses with elegance the swirling of the imagination. Like the Möbius` ring, it is a cultural centre without end which will constantly question, intrigue and attract the attention of its visitors.
ClientCultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Governmen
Start date01-05-2013
Area Units.q.m.
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