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AOSTA, Recovery of Testafochi

TeamMario Cucinella, Julissa Gutarra (project manager), Riccardo Minghini , Michele Olivieri , Rigoberto Arambula, Fabrizio Bonatti, Luca Stramigioli, Agnese Pirani, Caterina Pirani, Yuri Costantini (architectural model), Sintecna srl (Structural engineering), Golder Associates srl – Metec & Saggese – Energy Services, Ing. Giuseppe G. Amaro (Security and Fire), Engram (3d Rendering)
LocationAosta, Italy
DescriptionThe New University of Valle d`Aosta, following a competition, commissioned MCA to realize the restoration and transformation of the former Testafochi barracks into a university campus for 2000 students. The design is based on functional organization, giving each building autonomy within the project. The general appearance of the building combines lightness and transparency of forms and materials, formally incorporating the building with the square. The new project, in addition to fostering cultural activities, will add to the quotient of green space accessible by the entire city. The complex was developed with rigorous and thorough research on energy efficiency.
ClientNUV Nuova Università Valdostana
Start date2011
Area Units.q.m.
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