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Bowes Creek

CategoryGolf courses
TeamRick Jacobson
LocationIllinois, United States
DescriptionThe long term management requirements of the golf course are directly impacted on the planning and design phase. The simplicity of the solution is evident in the fact that the reduction in manicured golf course area reduced the overall subsequent maintenance required included but not limited to: irrigation, chemical applications, fuel consumption and labor costs. Integrated Pest Management Practices (IPM) are applied as a long term strategy for sustainability.

Objectives: Utilize Smart Growth Land use Principles, Promote Green Infrastructure; Create a Setting for an Unprecedented Lifestyle; Sustainable Approach to Community Development.

Design Solutions: Develop patterns to protect natural resources. Clustered development resulted in 16% of site consumed with impermeable surfaces (roads, rooftops, etc) and 84% of site permeable open space (yards, wetlands, natural corridor, golf course, etc). Preserve open space while providing recreational opportunities important to the quality of life of the residents. Offer resort style amenities including championship golf course. Project team collaborated to integrate natural systems, infrastructure & built environment.
Start date2008
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