Images Copyright: © Edwin Roald, Frimann Baldursson & Einar Tryggvason

Geysir Golf Club

CategoryGolf courses
TeamEdwin Roald
LocationGeysir, Iceland
DescriptionThe Geysir Golf Course showcases the innovative use of simple, low-resource construction techniques. An enjoyable nine-hole layout has been created on a tiny 20 hectare site at an affordable cost, without compromising the authentic quality of either the golfing experience or the stunning natural setting.

On-site sand and gravel deposits allowed zero import of materials for both green construction and drainage, and with fescues being the appropriate species choice in this northern climate, low input maintenance is rewarded by exceptional playing surfaces. Deliberate choice of a basic mobile pump, with minimal pipe infrastructure, means it becomes ‘too much bother to over-water’, and all playing areas can be mown by a single person in one day on ride-on machinery. In fact, the Geysir golf course has never been irrigated after it opened in 2006.
ClientGuesthouse Geysir; Ágústa Thorisdottir & Einar Tryggvason
Start date2003
Area Units.q.m.
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