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Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club

CategoryGolf courses
TeamRod Whitman, Dick Zokol (pro golfer), Jeff Mingay (construction superintendent)
LocationQuilchena, BC, Canada
AwardRanked #10 in Canada
DescriptionSagebrush is built on the side of a mountain, on the Douglas Lake Ranch, in a desert area in southern BC. It opened in 2009 and ranks #10 in Canada.( I think, I believe it would be ranked higher, if more people experienced it.

Here is a quote from the greens superintendent:

" Sagebrush is on 389 acres with 7.5 acres of bent grass greens to maintain, 70
acres of fairways and another 10 acres of rough and tees. Monday is our Agronomic day were we do our weekly topdressing and other practices that have to be done. That night we water our greens heavy,
Tuesday morning we hand water the odd high spot and areas we know will dry
out quicker. The greens will usually last all the way through, until the
following Monday night however my assistant or myself will always be on the
Sunday to monitor moisture levels to make sure as we may top up the odd area to make it through the day. We fertilize our greens with under 1kg/100m of Nitrogen and use no fungicide during the year except for putting the greens to bed for the winter. Our fairways get treated even worse they get watered usually every two weeks and get about .7kg/100m of Nitrogen a year fertilizer. "

The fairways and greens are firm and fast and there is fly fishing on the lake at the 13th hole. The water in the man made lake comes from a well to house the fish and water the course.

This golf course is for sale
ClientFour For Fore
Start date2009
Area Units.q.m.
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