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Thornberry Creek

CategoryGolf courses
TeamRick Jacobson
LocationOneida, Wisconsin, United States
DescriptionThe preservation and integration of the dramatic features of an abandoned sand quarry transformed Thornberry Creek Country Club into one of the most successful golf course communities in the state of Wisconsin. The creative use of on-site materials for tees, greens and bunkers kept construction costs to a minimum without sacrificing agronomic conditions or design objectives. The unique design has lead to financial success with over 55 golf outings scheduled 6 months in advance, including the Green Bay Packers Host Tournament.

A unique double green concept on the 1st nine holes constructed permits all levels of golfers to play to two different pin locations from multiple tee locations.

This creative design solution allows a 9-hole course to play as 18 different holes - a feature that has proven to be very attractive to league play. The success of the original 9-holes provided the foundation for 18 additional holes to host tournaments and daily play on a championship caliber level.

The exceptional integration of the site's natural characteristics and manmade features has allowed the golf course to establish a reputation for - playability, outstanding aesthetics, tournament caliber agronomic conditions and economic success.

Start date2013
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