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IJKK Kuntola

CategoryHealth, Housing
TeamKirsti Siven, Asko Takala
LocationJärvenpää, Finland
DescriptionIJKK Kuntola is part of the campus of FPD (Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities)Järvenpää Training Centre –IJKK. The Training Centre is an accessible learning environment with 270 employees and 600 students with special needs
Kuntola building accommodates a gymnasium, technical workshops, domestic science facilities and classrooms. The users were actively involved throughout the design process and their contribution helped us to create inspiring and accessible premises for learning. The interior has intensive colours and warm, natural materials. . It was awarded Finnish Color 2011 Prize.
The narrow site and the required program suggested a tight, box-shaped form with a small retracted courtyard by the main entrance. The mean freedom for designing the volume was compensated by using strong vivid colours to give the building its own identity. The site was significant for local people because there was the first public swimming pool in Järvenpää. The pool had to demolished because of severe moisture damages. The blue-green colour scheme of Kuntola building is referring to memories of the demolished swimming pool.
The façade is a series of vertically mounted glazed ceramic panels and barsforming a vividl colour scheme. The full height curtain wall on the south west façade lights up the double height atrium. At the south west corner of the curtain wall the façade turns and continues in to the double height atrium where the panels are perforated for better sound absorption. On both sides of the main entrance the coloured panels continue in to the draught lobby.
ClientFPD Järvenpää Training Centre –IJKK.
Start date2011
Area Units.q.m.
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