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TeamCarlos Pascal, Gerard Pascal, Rafael Salame (Construction), Pascal Arquitectos (Interior and Furniture), Víctor Benítez (Photography)
LocationLomas de Tecamachalco, Cuidad de México, Mexico
AwardGran Premio Bienal de Arquitectura de Costa Rica 2012
DescriptionThe Mikvah is the ritual bath of purification in the Jewish religion. It can be done only dipping fresh spring water, or in a place specially dedicated to it, fed by rainwater that must be collected, stored and communicated to the bath, is called Mikveh. All this must be done by following a strict set of rules related to the degree of purity of water. These rules also include the use of materials, widths and water treatment. When designing the Mikvah Rajel we did not really know which would be the consequences of actual use, or how would the event be develop. It was so successful that communities began to make their own mikves, but more than mystical spaces they seemed like luxury spas.
Today 20 years later we realize that the event for the brides becomes a big celebration, and that does not fit any assistance, plus 20 years of use is also influenced by architectural trends of the moment put out of time and we have to destroy it to generate a new proposal that meets the changing needs of both aesthetic and use.
The reception becomes a big box of white light, suggesting purity., No columns just delicate natural aluminum white glass, Santo Tomas marble floors, modern and stylish white sofas and starring up the wall and turning on the ceiling, a mural of the master Saul Kaminer, abstractly recreating the event.
The corridors around the building giving access to clean toilets and these in turn to the Mikvah, there must be a separate access and exit as you enter impure and exit pure, contrasting the dark on the floor and white walls and ceilings enhancing the visual drama with indirect lighting.
Start date2009
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