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PAU Building System for Hotels

TeamVision Architecture
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
DescriptionWe have the honour to introduce the proposal of modular unitized system PAU, that has expectation to become fundamental starting mechanism for development of urbanization of coastal districts in the subtropical Mediterranean region.
Unrivaled low cost, fast construction process and huge variability of design of buildings make possible to start-up of the economy not only in the part of a regional constructive industry, but also afterwards the industry of tourism. Expectant final cost price of the one room-unit (without a price of the land) is ? 9.000. This trapezoidal-shaped unit is basic element of three principal systems of buildings.
1. the radial system can have up to 12 floors and shape of this construction evokes the maize
2. the rotation of segments creates wavy shape of caterpillar
3. and finally, the combination of both principles generates the Snake with common rooms for 20 persons always with two staircases and one elevator.
There are basic shapes. Factual design of building is created by solution of the balconies and terraces and these varieties are unlimited - it depends just on the creativity of the architect of whatever building.
These structures offer utilization not only for hotel objects, but also like a student residential halls or senior house.
Start date01-07-2011
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