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Playa Vik Hotel José Ignacio

TeamCarlos Ott
LocationMaldonado, Uruguay
AwardWallpape Design Awards 2012. Best new or renovated hotel.
DescriptionA nonpareil spot on the peninsula of Jose Ignacio homes a magnificent beach retreat composed by a central structure surrounded by six guest houses. Conceived as a sculpture, a piece of art , the main house bears a particular curvilinear geometry. It appears to be based on the concept of the design of yachts, airplanes and sports cars, exposing its bold glass and titanium double curvature. Conveying a strong intention of respect towards the surrounding scales and proportions, the sculpture seems to be admiring the sea while reaching it with its grand longitudinal pool that cantilevers onto the beach. Nature in Punta del Este is explosive, winds are strong and its environment is one of the most saline in the world. Salinity immediately corrodes stainless steel; and even concrete is affected by winds, allowing water to find its way through the reinforced concrete and rust the steel within. Titanium jauntily faces these forces of Nature, and remains a noble material. Along with titanium, sandstone nd glass ensemble the sculpture. Guest houses, embracing the central piece of art, are made of natural stone and glass. They blend into the magnificent garden and sea with their flower blossomed green roofs. Awards: Wallpaper Design Awards 2012. Best new or renovated hotel.
ClientBermick S.A.
Start date2003
Area Units.q.m.
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