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55+56 Sumeru

TeamKhushnuPanthaki Hoof , SönkeHoof, B.N. Panchal, Suketu Shah, TejasMojidra, LauritsStahm, Jessica Bailey
LocationAhmedabad, India
Description56+55 Sumeru is the fusion of two small low-income-group row houses into a large contemporary townhouse, in line with the requirements of the clients. The metamorphosis happened in three stages, each triggered by different factors.
Main objectives of the design are to draw more day-light deeper inside the house and to connect its interior spaces to the courts in the front and the back of the very narrow plot. In the process the building was basically stripped down to its bare minimum and then carefully rebuilt. The compound walls were raised to 6 feet, thus extending the living spaces of the house into the white china mosaic courtyards. From here natural light is reflected deep inside, bouncing off from white walls and ceiling.
In all changes one main concern was the energy efficiency of the building. Ahmedabad, where the project is located, has extremely hot and dry summer months. In order to reduce the heat gain of the building, the insulation value of walls and roofs and the reflective surfaces were increased wherever possible. Large shaded openings in south and north, skylights and the light well in the center of the house allow the natural daylight to penetrate deep into the narrow spaces of the residence, reducing the need of artificial lighting.
Start date01-09-2004
Area Units.q.m.
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