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Da Vinci Tower

TeamCarlos Pascal, Gerard Pascal, Sófocles Hernández (Photography)
LocationHuixquilucan, Estado de México , Mexico
AwardInternational Award "BARBARA CAPPOCHIN" 4th edition. - Sustainable Architecture.
DescriptionThe project, which is planned as a condominium housing vertical tower, consists of 38 apartments spread over 19 floors, stairwell and three elevators, that connect the units with parking. The apartments are located from floor one to 19 and are disposed only two per floor. Each apartment has three bedrooms with bathhrooms and dressing room, a living room space with a guest bathroom, family room, kitchen with pantry space, patio and utility room.
It is very important to note that this entire building is three-dimensionally modulated in feet, not to imitate other countries but because all the materials are in proportions of feet. All this based on a module of four by four feet, which allows: the use of better materials (as there is no cost of waste), matches in every sense of all the elements, perform a clean work faster (because there is no need for inventory adjustments workshops), lower initial investment (as there is no waste for cuts) and linked to a more ergonomic measures. All this work involves rigorous controls, but also unified action language that includes all participants and require less supervision and consultation.
Start date2006
Area Units.q.m.
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