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Green Box

TeamLuis de Garrido
LocationBarcelona, Spain
DescriptionThe most important objective of the project is to develop a Symbol of Sustainable Architecture. Key features: energy self-sufficiency, self-sufficiency of water, food self-sufficiency, infinite life cycle, easy biodegradability, high energy efficiency and high bioclimatic Elimination of waste and emissions, Industrialization total Portability, Low price, Improve Health and Quality of life of the occupants, architectural use of vegetation, vegetation cover integration with the ground.

The house has a very unique architectural structure. A sloping garden leaves an open space below it, where the home is located. In the center stands a triangular tower with a vertical garden. This tower forms the central courtyard, which acts as a chimney effect to draw hot air from the house.
ClientConstrumat 2009
Start date12-05-2009
Area Units.q.m.
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