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Villa Nyberg

TeamJoakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Oscar Arnklitt, Daniel Andersson, Corina Bermúdez
LocationBorlänge, Sweden
DescriptionVilla Nyberg is situated by a lake in a pine forest in central Sweden. It was originally designed as a conceptual project and later adapted to suit the needs of the client. The concept was to make a house like an analog clock, a circular plan with a central courtyard that allows you to experience different parts of the house at different times of the day. It was also designed to be a 'Passive House', a specific type of house that through certain design criteria is able to achieve low levels of energy consumption. Over the period of a day one can move from room to room around the building experiencing different views and daylight conditions. The plan of this house is such that the living room and kitchen open up towards the views of the lake, the more private areas such as the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated on the other side of the house with smaller windows that have views towards the forest. The house is clad in pine boards that will weather and become grey like the trunks of the surrounding forest. The roof is clad in zinc and a on the second level a roof terrace allows beautiful views of the of the lake and surrounding nature. The building line steps up the hill echoing the natural incline on the site. Eventually the natural vegetation will crawl it's way up to the building edge allowing the building to settle and relax into the landscape. By contrast the interior is bright yet neutral and with accents of colour being provided but the its furnishings. Being a Passive House, Villa Nyberg is an extremely well-insulated building that is largely heated by the energy that is already present, energy that is mainly generated by body heat and household equipment. The round shape of the house also eliminates cold-bridges and reduces the enclosing wall area of the housewhich also has the effect of reducing heat loss. Our energy simulations show that this house will have an energy consumption for heating of only 25 kWh/m²year. Air tightness is an important factor in the reduction of heat loss in a Passive House. When Villa Nyberg was tested for air tightness in a blow door test a new Swedish record was achieved.
The result was 0,038 l/sm² at 50 Pa.
The Swedish Passive House standard
is 0.3 and the previous record
was 0.07.
ClientThe Nyberg Family
Start date01-07-2013
Area Units.q.m.
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