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Villa suspendue You are so

TeamEric Raps, Andrey Storozhenko, Clothilde Poulain, Caroline Moretti, Bérangère Bourdeau, Gaelle Armenand, Kira Lavreeva-Guglielmi
LocationVillefranche-sur-Mer, France
DescriptionThis house of 125sqm is conceived to reduce soil impact.
Suspended at 3m above the ground by deck cables to metalic archs recovered of alimunium panels, ‘You are so’ house integrates latest technnologies in terms of energy provision, hot water production and water recycling.
Photovoltaic panels and hot water storages are integrated in the head of archs.
The house is provided with two (or three) green roofs in order to reduce the heat, protect the insulation and ensure thermic confort.
The hydraulic and the energy coming in and out by tubes fixed to the main anchors ensure structure breathing.
The combination of glass frames of 3x2m (Schüco E2) integrates shutters between glazings, allowing for light and warm excess regulation, ventilation and total lock of the house.

The main part of the floor in glass allows for watching the swimming pool downward directly from the salon.
The ceiling can be shut, if in glass, by integrated shutters. Another solution, more adapted to sunny regions, consists in creation of green surfaces which remind the roof.
The AC and the heating in floor allows for temperature regulation.
The double flux CMV is enclosed in the floor in order to extract bathroom humidity.
Only the hood passes through the roof.
The folding stairway is inspired from yacht design and allows for increasing house security.

A garden and a rest area can be created under the house.
Interior planification of suspended villa:
- Entry hall with cupboard
- Kitchen with breakfast table
- Salon with table in the continuity of breakfast kitchen
- Two rooms with dressings
- Two bathrooms
- Two WC
Start date2014
AreaAmérique latine
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