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Wulumuqi Road Apartment

TeamEunice Seng, H. Koon Wee, Darren Zhou, Zhao Wenju, Sam Cheng
LocationXuhui, Shanghai, China
DescriptionIn the re-design of this top-floor apartment, the original flat roof was partially demolished to give way to an attic addition. This attic took reference from the vernacular form of the dormer window found in the neighborhood. The triangular form of the dormer window roof served as an archetypal form that was rigorously applied to this project – with all of its implications of structure, envelope and geometry. The addition of an attic bedroom and study meant that the main floor can be freed up as an enlarged loft-like living space with an open kitchen, instead of its original walled up bedrooms and living room.
The construction of the new attic roof was done with recycled red clay tiles, bricks and timber beams from demolished buildings in the vicinity, and a local builder was hired to build it in the old fashion way, using traditional and affordable sheet metal flashings and roof valley gutters and perimeter gutters. The design of this project adds a twist to the adaptation of the dormer window and pitched roof vernacular. Apart from visually connecting to the 1930s modern heritage of Shanghai, this project connects more deeply to the socio-economic roots of its surroundings by searching out the old generation of trades and craftsmen who could not only put their skills to good use, but also rebuild with recycled materials from a city undergoing rapid demolition and transformation.
Start date2010
Area Units.q.m.
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