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Parque Tercer Milenio

TeamDiana Wiesner
LocationBogotá, Colombia
DescriptionThis park was given to the city in July 2002. It has 16 hectares and is located from Sixth Street to Ninth Street between 10 and 14 races.
Its name comes from the need to welcome the new millennium, also because this is the first step to provide a cleaner breath to this sector of the city.
The park offers walking trails, two playgrounds, a square, two fountains, a bike path through the park from north to south, courts with bleachers, food area and public restrooms
This project began in 1998, as part of the Recovery Policy Center of Bogota. Its main objective is to provide capital to a civic urban, metropolitan, and symbolic integrator.
The Third Millennium Park has changed the face of downtown, especially in the town of Santa Fe and La Estanzuela neighborhoods, St. Bernard and Eduardo Santos.
And thanks to this park the two million people who daily pass through this part of the city and the citizens can really enjoy a new recreational and friendly space.
The project is not over, since the initiative seeks to expand the park to complete an area of ​​20 hectares, the idea is to cover the area from Avenida Jiménez to Caracas between sixth and ninth streets.
To achieve this objective, the District decided to knock down 602 farms where it had previously, houses, stores, warehouses and one of the most deteriorated and dangerous sectors of the city, 'cartridge', which is part of the past and today lives up to honor life and sharing.
This park was created for leisure and recreation, but also a stage to contemplate, to recover and to get away for a time of stress and speed of the city itself.
From this point anyone can see the great city that day by day is transformed by its people and its structure, becoming a multicultural and intelligent metropolis.
Start date01-07-2002
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