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CategoryMaster plan
TeamJeff Mikolajewski, Tiina Liis Juuti, Paolo Venturella, Léna Rigal, Elisa Wienecke, Camille Crépin, Ryohei Koike, Lucian Racovitan, Marcos Bano, Salvador Palanca, David Tao, Maren Allen, Gabrielle Nadeau , Joao Albuquerque, Andreas Klok Pedersen , Bjarke Ingels
LocationParis, France
AwardEuropa City Development Paris, Winner
DescriptionEuropaCity will offer on an unprecedented scale a mix of retail, culture and leisure around a defining theme: Europe, its diversity, its urban experiences and its cultures. The site is exceptionally well connected: Locally as a main node on the Grand Paris Express Metro, regionally as entrance gate to the metropolitan area of Ile de France and internationally with its direct connection to the second largest airport in Europe. We propose to integrate the new facility in the surrounding business district as an urban form that combines dense city with open landscape, exploring the urban and green potentials of the site at once. The programs of EuropaCity are organized along an internal circular avenue with a mix of retail, entertainment and cultural programs on both sides. The avenue forms a loop travelling through five different areas themed as the various regions of Europe, becoming the Rambla, the Regent Street and the Champs Elysees of EuropaCity. Along the avenue bicycles and electric public transport bring visitors around and a line of trees transform gradually from Birches in the North, Pines in the east, palm trees in the south and Platans in the west. The circular avenue creates a variety of spatial experiences and a clear overview - It allows you to get lost, and still find your way. We propose to arrange the programs according to energy and resource use, in order to maximize utilization of waste products within a closed urban eco system. Waste heat is channeled from cooling plants into recreation facilities as swimming pools and spas. Waste water is re-used as irrigation for the parks, and urban scale recycling facilities minimize overall waste production. The five regions of Europe have a different ways of harvesting renewable energy, from solar power to wind and geothermal energy. EuropaCity becomes a laboratory for sustainable technologies, and a showcase for viable green tech implementations that does not only save energy, but also improves the quality of the urban environment.
ClientGroupe Auchan
Start date23-04-2013
Area Units.q.m.
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