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Case di Luce_Hemp-lime building

CategoryMaster plan, Housing
TeamPedone Studio
LocationBisceglie, Italy
AwardGreen Building Solution Awards 2016
DescriptionThe project, which falls into a suburban area located in Bisceglie (Apulia), represents a new urban model based on the “residential bio-architecture with hemp and lime technology”. Case di Luce will act as a driving force for redevelopment for a district which, although urbanized, was in a state of decay due to the presence of abandoned industrial sites with asbestos. The construction of this NZEB building, thanks to both an environmental clean-up and no consumption of new territory, aimed at increasing urban and environmental quality.
The project, total of 21 housing units spread over five floors and an attic floor, was born from an holistic integrated approach based on respect both of bioclimatic characteristics of the area to achieve the aim of sustainability with the maximum reduction of energy needs at the edge of self-sufficiency. The complex shape of the building facade, oriented towards the South-East, was dictated by the introduction of elements to get the best solar exposure and thus maximizing passive solar heating in winter: the solar greenhouses, positioned in a different way on each floor. By studying the seasonal variations with solar diagrams each greenhouse work as heat storage accumulators and allow to get high heat gains in winter in the whole flat. The glass-windows of the greenhouse are kept closed, so that the heat can be stored during daytime and then gradually released in the flat. In Summer, to avoid overheating, windows can be fully opened. This enhances the natural ventilation of the apartment and turns each indoor greenhouse into an outdoor space that can be used like a balcony.
Case di Luce is characterized by a traditional concrete frame but its envelope has been built following an innovative approach: combined the use of natural, traditional and eco-friendly materials, like tufo bricks – a local calcarenite stone very common in Apulia –with hemp and lime. The building envelope is made of Natural Beton ®, a bio-composite material, LEED ® certified, made of hemp and hydrated lime-based binder plus natural additives mixed in different proportion, produced by Equilibrium company. In particular, as far as the building envelope is concerned, it has used moving from the inside to the outside: tufo bricks (10 cm) NB 200 (25 cm, hemp-lime 1:1), then NB 500 (5 cm, hemp-lime 1:4), both applied by spray and finally a finishing layer of fine hemp. This natural monolithic wall, that allows the building to breathe like a second skin, acts as both envelope and insulation system at same time using a single material. Natural Beton® is a compound completely recyclable, biocompatible, able to capture 60 kg CO2 from the atmosphere that, thanks to its excellent thermal, acoustic and hygrotermal properties, determines flats with a low energy demand, satisfied mainly through the use of renewable energy sources (solar and photovoltaic building –integrated systems located on the inclined roof), and running costs next to nothing.
Start date2013
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