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CategoryMaster plan, Housing
TeamLuis de Garrido
LocationValencia, Spain
DescriptionThe aim is to show the people of Valencia as a high use urban, but based on a 100% sustainable premises can be achieved.

For this reason in the area of operation has been proposed a new type of urban development with the aim of resuming the practically extinct huerta of Valencia. The proposed solution is articulated around an axis of North-South communication, connecting the area with the city and with the existing general access to the South. This shaft emerge winding way, several longitudinal low-rise buildings and half-buried, lattices in East-West direction. The end result is similar to the branches of a tree, or a collection of ferns.

Of course the urban proposal includes all kinds of buildings, providing a huge range of applications, which provide 24-hours-a-day life and dynamism to the city. However most of the constructed plot consists of semi-underground 4 heights housing buildings, complemented by a huge 501 metres high skyscraper. The whole accomplished the same dimensions of urban development that currently has the general urban plan for this same area of the city of Valencia (Mulberry-Nazareth).

Buildings are half-buried North and South facades, what gives it its character extreme bioclimatic, and ensures the resulting houses do not require heating, or air conditioning. On the other hand, half-buried the whole area is used to traffic routes ferries, circulation in bike, and pedestrian circulation, at the same time serving space for commercial activities, offices, storage and parking of vehicles.

In this way, a citizen who circulase by the South side of the River Turia would not see any building, except for the skyscraper. Only would be detectable some sinuous dunes of parks and orchards... and it would give the feeling there is no nothing built. The same impression would be if the whole shall be observed from the air, since the roofs of the buildings are landscaped. The same land being removed to build, is the land needed to build the depths of the northern area of each set. Only the southern part of the set would make it possible to observe the glass holes of half-buried buildings.
Start date2011
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