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CategoryMaster plan, Public Space, Landscape
TeamARQOM® & Asoc.
LocationChaco, Argentina
AwardUrban Park of Democracy and Youth, 1st Prize
DescriptionThis proposal aims to redefine recreational spaces of cities in areas of flood risk by addressing more efficient and sustainable alternatives according to the particularities of the site, promoting the conservation of natural habitants and encouraging the development of cultural and recreational activities.
By understanding the problems as opportunities, the parks main characteristic is that it uses the floods as part of the design, creating a live node as a public domain, merging it with timeless design and a strong image, its simplicity and rationality, provide versatility of implementation and use over the time.
As its name suggests, the park aims to be a place for meeting and socialization at a point of vital importance to the Chaco city that connects with nature, trying to solve the integration of different areas that are currently segregated.
Start date2013
StatusUnder Construction
Area Units.q.m.
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