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San Berillo

CategoryMaster plan
TeamYuri Costantini , Sara Trueba Fonseca, Noa Shoval, Giuseppe Perrone, Hyun Seok Kim, Luca Bertacchi , Mario Cucinella
LocationCatania, Italy
DescriptionThe masterplan of St. Berillo will redevelop and reinterpret the area around the old quarter of San Berillo, after more than 50 years of deterioration, as a new link between downtown and the waterfront.
The intention is to restore an urban area to the city of Catania with new public and private functions.
The masterplan is inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon and by Catania's culture of green space. The project's involves the construction of a large urban garden with a link between city and sea and with programs that restrict the two neighboring districts. A green axis (pedestrian and bicycle) will emerge, forming a new town Boulevard and new pedestrian plazas.
Facing the Boulevard will be a series of low buildings, stepped with garden terraces, intended as shops and more urban scale functions of (cinema, theater, museum). At the end there will be space for residential buildings (providing closure to the urban fabric) and a hotel with an iconic presence, almost a a gate to the city from the sea.
Start date2012
Area Units.q.m.
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