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CategoryPublic Space, Landscape
TeamAgence Faragou
LocationLa Seyne-sur-Mer, France
DescriptionLes Sablettes, its isthmus, its beach... And its Park, can we now add. The place seemed doomed to be included in the book of abandoned sites, projects aborted.
Long favourite of beautiful ladies and wealthy gentlemen from the end of the 19th century, revitalized by the tenacity of a man of taste, Michel Pacha, boosted by shipbuilding, he had finally delivered weapons, defeated, seemed, by the ravages of two world wars and the ruthless rules of the global economy. La Seyne sank into oblivion after having escaped a monstrous 'betonnisation'.
The landscape park the isthmus of Sablettes and of rehabilitation of Villages of St. Elmo, and les Sablettes fits both in a tourist of the city of la Seyne-sur-Mer development program and an interdisciplinary approach, combining both the geography, history, urban and seaside architecture, sensitivity to the living environment.
Project Fernand Braudel has allowed to make a landscape between 2 lands and 2 seas, extending from les Sablettes Beach, responding to the features of leisure: backshore, Botanical Park incorporating a Maison du Tourisme, a Youth Recreation Centre, sheds of beach goers and a nautical base, service equipment.
This design is complemented by a reassessment of the District through a landscape treatment of the two villages (St. Elmo and les Sablettes): renovation of the facades, street furniture and traffic vehicles.
ClientMairie de la Seyne-sur-Mer
Start date1997
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