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Port de plaisance et annexes

CategoryPublic Space, Housing, Hotels
LocationPietra Ligure, Italy
DescriptionThe project concerns the urban and productive transformation of Rodriquez Cantieri Navali, with associated public, accommodation, residential and boating harbour facilities.
The objective of the project is the transformation of the area according to the reorganization of established shipbuilding activities, the territorial redevelopment of the site, its integration with the surrounding urban fabric, the construction of a new marina and the development of the tourist vocations of Pietra Ligure. The project includes the following functions: new residential buildings (13,000 sq. m.) and restored residential buildings (4,900 sq. m.) , shipyard (7,200 sq. m.) with a proper large square, a hotel (5,400 sq. m. - 60 rooms), public places (900 sq. m. - restaurants, bars), a marina (ca. 120 b.), a public park and walking trails reconnected with the surrounding urban environment.

The residential complex consists of a series of articulated volumes in plan and elevation to create a vivacious and animated composition, also through the use of different colours for the different parts of the building.
The ground floor crossed by a longitudinal path, without solution of continuity, that connects the areas at East to those at West, together with the frontal path near to the quay.
The complex has some openings at the lower floors of the parts built to ensure free visual towards the sea and is enriched by the permeating presence of the green.
The composition of the project has been designed to allow future integration with the urban surroundings .
On the ground floor there are some commercial units of small size.
The complex includes 144 residential units of different type and area, with gardens, balconies or terraces (6 studio flats, 80 two-rooms flats, 48 three-room flats, 10 four-room flats).
ClientIntermarine S.p.A. (ancien Rodriquez C.N.)
Start date2008
StatusUnder Construction
Area Units.q.m.
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