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AOSTA, Recovery of Testafochi

Location: Italy

The New University of Valle d`Aosta, following a competition, commissioned MCA to realize the restoration and transformation of the former Testafochi barracks into a university campus for 2000 students. The design is based on functional organization,..

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Cassia Coop Training Centre

Location: Indonesia

The work on Cassia Coop Training Centre started during the autumn of 2010. It all began with a visit from a French businessman, Patrick Barthelemy. He had come all the way from Sumatra to our office in Trondheim, and sat before us with a fascinating..

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Location: China

The building, the Centre for the development of renewable energy technologies, is located on the campus of the University of Nottingham opened in Ningbo and houses a visitor center, research laboratories and classrooms for specialization courses...

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Old Market Library

Location: Thailand

The Old Market Library is built in a 100-year-old market building. The section for the library measures 3x9 metres internally, with a back yard facing a small canal. The roof and the walls were in very poor condition, and consequently any new..

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Mirabello School

Location: Italy

The school Mantovani and Gonelli in the Municipality of Mirabello (FE) is an example of "reconstruction" post seismic of high quality, characterized by great attention to the area. The building covers an area of about 1000 square meters and..

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Safe Haven Library

Location: Thailand

In January 2009, TYIN invited 15 Norwegian architect students from NTNU to participate in a workshop at the Safe Haven Orphanage, Thailand. Associate Professor Hans Skotte and architect Sami Rintala led the workshop. The most pressing needs..

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Location: Switzerland

Preschool and gym. The main objective of the new primary school Erlenmatt design is to serve the demands of the educational demands an appropriate architectural condition. The integration of the building follows the main provisions of the..

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Collège IPSE

Location: Morocco

Our college project is located in the heart of the town of Safi, in connection with all the areas of the city, and avenue Hassan II. Our approach is to design a key component in the town of Safi, the main objectives to be achieved on a urbanistic..

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Pearl Academy of Fashion

Location: India

The Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur is a campus which by virtue of its design is geared towards creating an environmentally responsive passive habitat. The radical architecture of the institute emerges from a fusion of the rich traditional..

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Erasmus University Building

Location: Netherlands

The new multifunctional university building for Erasmus University Rotterdam will accommodate modern classrooms and study areas with a supermarket on the ground floor. It is prominently positioned on the new main axis, the plaza, where indoors..

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Lycee Gallieni

Location: France

Award winning project. Prefional college for 1,400 students.

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Edificio Investigación Posgrado

Location: Argentina

First Prize National Contest of Preliminary Design | Year 2011-2012 Executive Project

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