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Danube Bay Residential Tower

Location: Hungary

Located not further than four kilometers south from the old downtown Budapest, next to the west shore of the Danube Bay, this residential project is designed which will occupy approx. 13,400 sqm. This project consists of four towers which..

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Location: China

At the end of 2011 in China, the number of inhabitants in the cities exceeded the number of inhabitants in the countryside. Whereas 30 years ago only one Chinese person out of five lived in the city, the city-dwellers represent now 51.27% of..

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Eco City Montecorvo

Location: Spain

The beautiful site is located just north of Logroño on the two small hills of Montecorvo and la Fonsalalda. The south facing hills not only provide beautiful views of the city, but also provide optimal conditions for solar energy collection..

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Location: United States

As part of NYC´s Design Excellence program, this project will provide viewing and storage facilities for the SIHS´s 62 historic carriages, including exhibition gallery for the top carriages, restoration space, and multi-purpose space for education..

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Location: Morocco

By the architecture, the project reflects the magnificent character of the site and in order to become a part of the landscape. Three main architectural typologies are inspired by the Nature and coexist to create echoes to the sensuality of..

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Azam Residence

Location: Bangladesh

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One Shenton Residential Towers

Location: Singapore

The two residential towers over a parking and retail podium are located at downtown in Singapore. They will look to find the best views all around the bay as well as the city, playing with soft curved shapes of golden and silver glass facades..

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Salongen 35

Location: Sweden

Kjellgren Kaminsky won the first prize in an open competition for passive houses i Västra Hamnen, Malmö. Our proposal was developed in collaboration with the local builder Hölleviksnäs förvaltning. GREEN LIVING In addition to being..

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Ekoviikki Nuppukuja Housing

Location: Finland

EkoviikkiNuppukuja housing is part of an experimental ecological residential area in Viikki, Helsinki. Nuppukuja housing was developed in a DC competition in 1996 together with Skanska. The project includes different types of housing: Auringonkukka..

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The Courtyards House

Location: India

Located at the edge of a cement plant in Rajasthan, India, the house is designed in response to a climate with long summer months of 45oC average temperature. Organically radiating concrete volumes of varied proportions from central open to..

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Villa Nyberg

Location: Sweden

Villa Nyberg is situated by a lake in a pine forest in central Sweden. It was originally designed as a conceptual project and later adapted to suit the needs of the client. The concept was to make a house like an analog clock, a circular plan..

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