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Location: United Kingdom

AR Architecture is an innovative architectural practice providing full range of comprehensive professional services in complex inter-cultural situations. The company is located in London (UK) with affiliated partners in the Republic of Ireland..

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Puerta Umbría HS Rail Station

Location: Spain

The firm proposes a station that pretends to be a real terminus station. It is not a place just to pass through, but a place where the passengers change their rate of movement. In this place, the city of Huelva introduces itself to the traveller..

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Refurbishment of ESPASE PERRET

Location: France

Radically redesigned by architect Claude Vasconi, the Espace Perret in Amiens is now protected by a large glazed roof open on all four sides. The work for this grey and green roof was entrusted to Viry. It comprises a 15 metre high steel framework...

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Open Air Complex

Location: Russian Federation

Large urbanized territories like Moscow are becoming less convenient for living. Intensification of business activities makes cities convenient for work, but inconvenient or less convenient for leisure and rest. The problem may be solved by..

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Archivo General de la Nación

Location: Argentina

The contest defined a maximum build volume, a large prism with height limits and impossibility of making basements. This space will contain the total building where the first stage will only represent 25% of the total area. Temporary and provisional..

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Location: Finland

The design had to fulfill a daunting set of constraints. To the east, the building line of the adjacent city block, Kamppi, had to be observed. To the west, roads restricted the site to an acute-angled triangle. The height had to be no greater..

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Location: China

Between engineering and biology, Hydrogenase is one of the first projects of bio-mimicry which draws its inspiration from the beauty and the shapes of the nature, but also and especially from the qualities of its materials and its self-manufacturing..

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Tower of Nests

Location: China

Mankind faces a challenge comparable in size with the industrial revolution to build a sustainable society. In order to succeed, we need to learn how to coexist with nature. We propose a building that aims to become a symbol; not of power nor..

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Market Hall Rotterdam

Location: Netherlands

The arched building located in the centre of Rotterdam, developed by Provast and designed by MVRDV is a hybrid of public market and apartment building. Completion is set for 2014. Total investment is 175 million Euro with a total surface of..

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Safe Haven Bathhouse

Location: Thailand

The new sanitary building houses the basic needs of the orphanage; the toilets, personal hygiene facilities and laundry. The internal structure was already built and became the framework for the project. The most intimate functions are located..

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Location: United States

The Kimball Art Center home to Sundance House during the Annual Sundance Film Festival, invited an international group of architects to submit designs for an interior renovation of the existing Kimball Art Center and the construction of a new..

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