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Location: United States

The Kimball Art Center home to Sundance House during the Annual Sundance Film Festival, invited an international group of architects to submit designs for an interior renovation of the existing Kimball Art Center and the construction of a new..

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Rundhallen Interior

Location: Norway

Rundhallen is the entry hall of Samfundet in Trondheim. For a period of 11 months, the project combined efforts from more than 70 volunteer students and professionals. The main concept was to restore Rundhallen to its original state as it..

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Parliamentary complex of Albany

Location: Albania

The project consists of a single urban scale structure containing an autonomous "city of government". The roof acts simultaneously as an icon of the project and climatic moderator. The main space houses the plenary hall and functions accessible..

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Location: Netherlands

An unusual car park has been built in the cultural heart of Rotterdam, the Museumpark. This car park that does not only accommodate 1,150 cars, but also houses one of the largest underground water reservoirs in the Netherlands, a reservoir with..

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DSSH Bridge

Location: Canada

DSSH Bridge is designed by sanzpont [arquitectura] for the Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge International Challenge. DYNAMIC REACTION: Being a flexible tensile structure, by applying more tension to different points, a technological..

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Nummela Parish Centre

Location: Finland

The renovation and extension of Nummela Parish Centre , originally built 1969 & 1981, is based on a winning competition entry from 2001. The complex consists of the 200-seat church, some parish and diaconia (social & community work) offices..

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Location: Italy

After the Aquaeductus, carrying life through water, there has been some thought for creating an Energiaductus, carrying life through energy, but why not going further? Why not creating infrastructures that are an ode to life itself, embedded..

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Location: India

Conceived as a giant turbine the LO2P skyscraper would be located in New Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world due to the exponential increase in population and cars -it is estimated that number of cars grows by one-thousand every..

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Location: Finland

The design had to fulfill a daunting set of constraints. To the east, the building line of the adjacent city block, Kamppi, had to be observed. To the west, roads restricted the site to an acute-angled triangle. The height had to be no greater..

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Navan + Meath County Council

Location: Ireland

The brief was to design a highly sustainable civil building on a site with complicated public access to accommodate the city and the county councils.The project was shortlisted at the first stage of the competition. The public functions are..

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Heathrow Airport New Terminal 2

Location: United Kingdom

T2a Heathrow Airport: A 21st Century Terminal is about to take off. An airport is one of the most visible and important ambassador for a city. This new terminal, ready to welcome 20 million passengers per year, responds to a new model of..

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Location: United Kingdom

AR Architecture is an innovative architectural practice providing full range of comprehensive professional services in complex inter-cultural situations. The company is located in London (UK) with affiliated partners in the Republic of Ireland..

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