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PAU Building System for Hotels

Location: Czech Republic

We have the honour to introduce the proposal of modular unitized system PAU, that has expectation to become fundamental starting mechanism for development of urbanization of coastal districts in the subtropical Mediterranean region. Unrivaled..

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Celebra Offices Building

Location: Uruguay

The final sculptural solution allows different perceptions and views of the building from each angle, as 360º of views from the building. It will would become a symbol of the high level of industries and services hosted at Zonamérica. Celebra..

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Hopland Research Center

Location: United States

The project began with an on-site workshop with Center staff and UC Extension Agents to develop the goals, program and a plan for a modest, low-budget multi-use conference center and research labs. A good portion of the staff have been at the..

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Autopista Vespucio Sur

Location: Chile

The project consists of a seven-story main building that houses the administrative offices, private property, and one smaller of three rooms housing the technical and traffic control and toll-owned. Both bodies are raised above ground level..

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Keops Eco House

Location: Egypt

Cheops Eco-House is a symbolic, iconic and self-sufficient Museum of human behavior. For this reason it has been dedicated to the prestigious British researcher Richard Wiseman. Cheops Eco-House is located at the top of the pyramid of Cheops,..

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Edificio A.M.A.

Location: Spain

Conditioned by a Urban Plan which requires the minimization of building footprint in an effort to respect the surrounding landscape Business Park, the concept of this building flying at their ends to raise from the ground. The facades justify..

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Sesto Palazzo Eni

Location: Italy

The project's Sixth Eni Palace, located in San Donato Milanese, is going beyond the design of an office building, it intends to interpret the historic and current values of Eni and Metanopoli, through which the project icon-architecture-landscape..

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Market Hall Rotterdam

Location: Netherlands

The arched building located in the centre of Rotterdam, developed by Provast and designed by MVRDV is a hybrid of public market and apartment building. Completion is set for 2014. Total investment is 175 million Euro with a total surface of..

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Location: Argentina

Sustainable Residential Multifamily Building in Mendoza, Argentina.

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Safe Haven Library

Location: Thailand

In January 2009, TYIN invited 15 Norwegian architect students from NTNU to participate in a workshop at the Safe Haven Orphanage, Thailand. Associate Professor Hans Skotte and architect Sami Rintala led the workshop. The most pressing needs..

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Location: China

Between engineering and biology, Hydrogenase is one of the first projects of bio-mimicry which draws its inspiration from the beauty and the shapes of the nature, but also and especially from the qualities of its materials and its self-manufacturing..

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Gare TGV Casa-Voyageur

Location: Morocco

Since long time ago, LGV railway stations ceased to be simple nodes ensuring mobility between major cities in a given territory, to be a new urban focal points, where different civil, commercial, and exchange functions meet. Two main functions..

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